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AttMan Pad Printing Ltd. was established in 2010 to provide its customers high quality pad printing service. We can prepare and print any artwork, on a variety of substrate materials, shapes and in various colours.
Our mission is to provide the best quality pad printing product to all our customers, be they small or large, one time or regular, at a reasonable price.
Quality and Business Excellence are at the heart of AttMan Pad Printing Ltd. This is evidenced by the fact that from the 1st day of operation, a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 was set up, so that continuous improvement and customer focus are always in the middle of the spot light.



AttMan Pad Printing Ltd. is a firm believer that the key to business is to provide what the customer needs at the right level of quality, price and time. This is why we will provide the service tailor made to the requirements of our customer.
Our small size implies that decisions are taken efficiently, allowing a fast reaction to new customer needs.
Our quality policy can be summarised as: Doing it right first time, and on time.

Our Products

AttMan Pad Printing Ltd. can currently provide high quality pad printing of any artwork up to the size of 80mm in diameter.
If you require larger prints, we will be happy to invest in new capabilities or organise this at one of our subcontractors.

Our Services

AttMan Pad Printing Ltd. employs professional graphic designers, who will be happy to design your artwork for Pad Printing.

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